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  • Dry cabinet

    Automatic dry cabinet, inside volume 85 litre.
  • HARISON Dehumidifier

    Standing dehumidifier, indoor installation, movable by caster, use 1 phase power source, can be drained directly through hose or to collect water bucket.
  • Special dryer

    This dryer uses refrigeration cycle to remove water vapor from the air, the drying process can be under 100% recirculation which helps reduce energy consumption and high process stability without effect of ambient air fluctuation. The refrigeration process with COP of 1:3 help reduce electrical consumption 3 times lower than conventional electric heater kiln.
  • HUMAX Humidifier

    Ultrasonice humidifier, automatic and can control humidity up to 95% (programmable), Low energy consumption (30W). Widely use in labolatory, special production room, fresh fruit and vegetable warehouse.... Note: Vietnam is hot and humid country so do not use Humidifier in house as humidity above 70% can cause many health problems and deteriorate furnitures.


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